This presentation was created exclusively for the Jacobi Medical Center in New York City. These slides were prepared specifically for Doctors and Surgeons of the Jacobi Medical Center. The color scheme used is the same as the hospital's. The DDS logo was intentionally altered to pair up with the Medical Centers corporate logo. This presentation includes an introduction to the decompression braces, supported by technical data, MRI results, and patient surveys. A very successful and well received presentation. 

Selling The DDS Campaign

This presentation was created to educate and inspire a Nationwide sales force to introduce the DDS line of Decompression Braces to various Physicians around the Country. This light-hearted approach proved to be one of the most successful campaigns of the DDS Corporation.



DDS teamed up with MSA as a Nationwide supplier. Medical Services of America is a comprehensive home healthcare provider that offers home healthcare, hospice service, home medical equipment, diabetic supply, enteral nutrition, respiratory services, non-medical home care, personal emergency response, cardio diagnostics, home pharmacy/infusion therapy and physician management. Each year MSA holds a week long summit and DDS is one of their key presenters. This 3rd Anniversary presentation was very well received and packed an added incentive for the MSA sales staff.