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Decompression Knee Brace

 ​I had the pleasure of Creating two videos promoting the DDS OA Kneetrac Knee Brace, an amazing product that I truly believe will help people suffering with chronic knee pain. 

Corso Feroce Steering Wheels are the perfect choice for that clean factory look as seen on original 1965 GT350 Shelby’s.

steven Tyler's organization Janie's Got A fund 

Packaging Designs


Two Very Different Photo Sessions (check it out)

“Life Has Meaning When One Has a Purpose Larger Than One’s Self.”

The soul is incarnated, it is divided from its counterpart and born male and female. These two parts of the same soul rarely meet in the material world but when they do the union is magical. Yes it is a match made in heaven. This illustration represents the magical meeting of souls as "soul mates." Their love is forever. If they don't meet during your lifetime, they are reunited after their physical death.


A brilliant selection of on-stage, and backstage photographs from various concerts and events.







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Video Production

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SOULMATES, Eternal Love 

Inspired by and dedicated to my Wife and soulmate, Peg, who is also the love of my live and best friend.

The "We Got Stuff...Great Stuff" Campaign proved to be a very successful campaign.

​Mustang 50 years
speedway celebration broadcast

​This video was featured in a constant loop on the Jumbotron at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte N.C. April 16 to April 20, 2014. 

Art Direction

Inside The Photo Studio

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18 karat gold heart with diamonds ; platinum infinity symbol with three rows of small diamonds. Large diamond in center.

Designed and Illustrated by: Frank Chmielewski

Product Branding


NEW!  photo compositions

My gift is to create visual designs that inspire and generate the 'want' over the 'need' for a particular product or service. I had the unique opportunity to work directly with “A” list celebrities, sports figures, and public officials. I learned quickly that I would have a very narrow window of opportunity to pitch and sell my ideas. In that time frame I had to "wow" and excite them. I also make a mean Chicken Cutlet Parmesan!