Amerenet internet auction system
All logos above are recreations of the original ford logos - each illustration was submitted and was granted approval by the ford motor company as an official licensed logo
american memorabilia auction marketing campaign logo
the logo for ufc fighter brandon
the official logo of the coso feroce brand of steering wheels and accessories
Billet Boys motorcycle club


Arjuna psychic advisors
Corporate logo for ddsbrace of las vegas
logo for ufc fighters Brandon &  kerry vera
institute of technology sacramento culinary school
institute of technology sacramento 
Retail Store display logo and sign
fox 5 las vegas - logo for special reporter amy carabba
j-sect mma gym 
​las vegas, nv
institute of technology sacramento logo with tag line
this logo was made especially for the big screen at movie theaters 
the logo for ufc fighter kerry vera
The Staten Island Ferry
​Staten Island, New York