We Have Done What Has Never Been Done

HoleHi Golf Media of Las Vegas Introduces Fairway Advertising!

LAS VEGAS (AP): There is a new company in town! We are here and ready to introduce a revolutionary new product that will have a positive and lasting effect on millions of golfers not only here in Las Vegas, but worldwide. Valley IT Developer, Musician, and Entrepreneur, Nick Langlois is the President and Owner of HoleHi Golf Media. He has been working tirelessly with designers, and technicians to develop an innovative, yet elegant device that would effectively bridge consumer advertising directly to the golf course.  

HoleHi Golf Media has done what was once considered an impossibility. Every outdoor/indoor sporting event has advertisements. These range from traditional printed banners and signs, to motion graphic digital screens. They are everywhere you look. Sometimes so over-done, it detracts from the arena, and game itself. The exception has always been the Golf Course. These beautifully landscaped properties have never allowed any advertisements anywhere for these exact reasons. And we can’t blame them.

The challenge Langlois faced was to find a way to bring multiple advertisements onto the course that would not impose on its natural beauty. Also, not interfere with game play, or pose a distraction to the golfers. The solution he came up with was a customized flagstick that would literally be “The billboard for the fairway”! 

Advertisers are ecstatic because they are finally able to reach-out to one of the most desirable consumer groups, the golfer. It’s a fact that the golfer is perhaps the savviest, and most affluent consumer on the market today. Marketing research for the last five years indicate that woman and young people are playing golf more than ever before.  
“Golf is fun; it’s no longer considered an old man’s sport!”  HoleHi has opened a direct line of communication where the advertiser’s message is literally, and physically, placed into their hands. With the addition of a simple QR Code as part of the advertisement, located directly on the flagstick, golfers can interact instantly with their smartphones or tablets.  Those who have had the opportunity to play on these courses were delighted. They found interacting with the advertisement a new, and fun addition to the game. For the golfer, it’s getting some great deals or opportunities that would not otherwise be available to them. For the Advertisers, they are getting more bang for their buck! 

The 8ft. HoleHi flagstick is officially approved by the United States Golf Association (U.S.G.A.), and the R&A conforming to their high standards. This weather resistant flagstick is designed to react the same as a standard flagstick, even when struck by a golf ball.  In addition, HoleHi Golf Media produces a shorter version flagstick especially for golf course putting stations. 

For the serious golfers who have installed their own personal putting stations at home, we offer a customized putting flagstick that are available online. These will be hitting the pro shops, and retail stores soon.  Nick and his Creative Director, Frank Chmielewski have come together and devised a series of these “Li’l Putters.”  These 4 ft. flagsticks sport everything from seasonal greetings, cool graphics, to hilarious anecdotes. You can design one yourself through the company’s website www.holehighgolf.com.  They are affordable, and makes a great gift for anyone. Especially for the golfer that has everything!

Before HoleHi Golf Media came along, the only advertisements specifically for golfers were magazine and website ads, with the occasional blog. Of course, the U.S. and British Opens and other PGA tournaments have television advertisers, but as far as anything on a regional or local level, there was nothing at all. The advantage of advertising with HoleHi Golf Media is we maintain affordable rates making it possible for local businesses to compete alongside the national giants directly on the greens. 

We are forming more partnerships with Golf Courses, Ad Agencies, and Marketing Firms. You’d think that with over 17,500 golf courses throughout the continental United States was enough to keep everyone at HoleHi Golf busy. Apparently not! Nick Langlois recently announced to his staff and reps that “we have the rights to now sell worldwide!” So the next time you step onto the green, and you don’t see a HoleHi Golf flagstick, contact the courses General Manager and ask them why not? 

HoleHi Golf Flagsticks are currently being used at many of the  most prestigeous golf courses around Las Vegas, Henderson with more being added weekly.