Issued: 2015 R,I,A,A, Platinum Record Award

My Medal of Merit, awarded to me by President Ronald Reagan for my work on the Republican Presidential Task Force. 

Curriculum Vitae

Issued: 2014 R,I,A,A, Gold Record Award


Creative leader with product and client experience. I follow a media-agnostic philosophy for strategic branding, conceptual and visual strengths with demand generation expertise that gets results and builds business. I have achieved double digit growth for recent clients. Successfully managed diverse assignments, demanding clients and complex teams. Articulate in client presentations and successfully pitch creative ideas. My experience spans large and small companies and I am adept at building departments, alliances, and creative teams. I manage tightly, motivate and recruit to deliver the best work on time and on budget. I have served on the Board of Directors, of a number of high profile public organizations. My creative work has been published in books and magazines and has earned multiple awards, including three SIMA Global Media Awards and two R.I.A.A. Gold and Platinum record awards.

Notable Skills

Marketing & Advertising: Promotional Conceptualization; Direct Mail; Newspaper Ads; Retail Marketing; Direct Response (DR) Campaigns; Point-Of-Purchase (POP) Displays; E-mail campaigns; Creative Writing.
Interactive Campaigns Artistic Leadership: Graphic Design; Conceptual Direction; Photography Art Direction; Typography; Layouts & Compositions; Font & Color Management; Photo Shoot Oversight; Multimedia Development.
Video Direction and Editing: Managed video projects from conception to final edit, working with 2D and 3D models, live talent, and musicians to ensure the highest quality video presentations.
Business Development: Website Wireframe and Design; Brand Identity; Corporate Identity Systems; Logo Design; User Design Experience; Android Application Development; Company Branding; Corporate Communications; Digital Client Relationship Management; Digital File Management.
Print Materials: Catalogs; Brochures; Newsletters; Posters & Signs; Collateral Materials; Grand and large format design; Vehicle wraps. 
Team Management: Staff Inspiration & Training; Hiring & Recruiting; Project Management; Production Oversight; Cross-Functional Communications; Budget Management; Audio/Visual Presentations. 
Computer Programs: Adobe Creative Cloud; Microsoft Office; Easy Catalog; Sony Vegas Video; Sony Sound Forge; Mac and Windows Systems.


Awards: Recipient of R.I.A.A. Platinum and Gold Record Awards; SEMA Media Award; Polish American World Citizen of the Year Award; Republican Presidential Task Force Medal of Merit; Catholic Youth Organization's Youth Award; 

Published Photography/Artwork; ESPN Magazine; USA Today; New York Daily News; New York Post; Los Angeles Times; For “The Love Of The Game, MY Story” by Michael Jordan; Illustration: Paul McCartney, currently on display at The Rock “N” Roll Hall of Fame. Video: Mustang 50 Years Birthday presentation spot, was featured in a constant loop on the jumbotron at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte N.C. April 16 to April 20, 2014. Book Design: MTV Road Rules book ; VH1 The Midnight Special book. The Mickey Mantle Auction Catalogs; The Howdy Doody Auction Catalog; Guide to Celebrity Makeovers by Devon Cass;

Notable Designs: Miss New York State Pageant Stage Designs, Programs & Journals;  House Speaker, Newt Gingrich Invitational;  American Cancer Society Programs and Journals; Make A Wish Foundation Programs and Journals;  

Career Success

Creative Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                    02/2016 to Present
HoleHi Golf Media                                                                                                                                                                                                            Henderson, NV
HoleHi Golf Media is a startup company located in Las Vegas, NV. They are the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the patented HoleHi Golf Flagstick, a custom designed device that brings brand advertisements to every hole on the golf course. The Advertisements or messages are emblazoned right on the golf flagstick.
•     Serve as creative director and product manager for the company’s product line which entails design, writing and/or editing promotional and descriptive copy for the product line. The result being the continuing growth of the company and broadening the scope of distribution globally.
•     Created new consumer material for the introduction and promotion of the HoleHi Golf brand as a revolutionary new medium for outdoor advertisements. The goal was to maximize the prestige of the golf tournament with Ad placement on HoleHi Golf custom golf flagsticks. It is a highly effective way to integrate sponsors into the golf experience in a way that is both new and original. The result was spot-on with the flagstick becoming especially popular with non profit organizations. Now, they could increase sponsorship and donations through advertising and offer the sponsor a tax write-off.
•     Redesigned our putting green flagstick to serve as a new and exciting retail consumer product to display as golf memorabilia. The idea was to strategically convert the advertising stick into a commemorative stick which would then hold for example the statistics of a celebrity golfer. Leaving of course enough room to hold an autograph. The result being a growing line of commemorative designs for all professional golfers.
•     Developed the “Heroes in Blue” campaign which is the distribution of a custom designed flagstick that is dedicated to the memory of law enforcement professionals that were killed in the line of duty. The campaign is being test marketed in Las Vegas before the nationwide campaign is executed. Each flagstick on every golf course is sponsored by a national or local business, with the proceeds going to the community’s charity for the families of the Hero in Blue. The results have been receptive; the ultimate goal is to be on every golf course across America.
•     Championed developmental efforts for new products and line extensions of the putting green flagstick as a retail product displaying holiday, humorous, tributes or customized messages. The result being a significant increase in sales to non-golfers both online and in selected retail stores and pro shops.

Art Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                             02/2011 to 01/2016

Drake Automotive Group                                                                                                                                                                                                            Henderson, NV
- Lead the Creative Team in the design and development of the Corso Feroce Brand. Successfully launched a new line of steering wheels and accessories. Resulting in filling a pressing demand for a quality after-market reproduction of the original Shelby Cobra steering wheels. This directly lead to the development of more new and exclusive products, elevated the status of Drake products overall, and showed a profit for the first time since the recession.

- Championed the Mustang 50 Years brand campaign of licensed products for the golden anniversary of the Mustang. As a result the Drake Automotive Group became more synonymous with the Ford Motor Corporation as a manufacturer of licensed products. This lead to an increased demand for Drake products and lead to record breaking sales over the next year.•Created a video loop that was featured on the Jumbotron at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte N.C. during the week of April 16 to April 20, 2014. Resulting in a visual presentation directly to a captivated audience of more than a millions viewers made of fans, dealers and end users.

- Played a key role in the development and promotion of the Legendary Wheel line of aluminum wheels and accessories. This new line of aluminum wheels engineered for both classic and contemporary cars included a specialized line of hub caps. The Result was a strong impact on monthly sales leading to the company’s best month ever with 2.2 million dollars USD.

- In general after-market products featuring the classic Ford logos varied in quality and brand consistency. I was commissioned to Illustrate a set of precise detailed models for the classic Mustang tri-bar logo, Falcon logo, Cougar logo, and Bronco logos. The entire line approved and licensed by Ford for mass production and resale. These high quality emblems increased Drake reputation as the leader in exact Ford restoration parts.

- Maximized profitability by carefully controlling budgets by converting from outsourced printing projects to redesigned in-house printing production. Successfully transformed key projects from print media to digital download media.

- Created widely effective email campaigns to promote all of Drakes newly produced products, that increased dealer registration.•Designed eight different product catalogs annually supported by “ The Insider”a quarterly magazine that included news, sales, and incentives.

Art Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                            01/2010 to 02/2011

Spinal Rehab Solutions                                                                                                                                                                                                             Henderson, NV

- Created / directed promotional product videos using 2D, 3D graphics and sequencing living models to interact with the products seamlessly. Produced application videos
  to enhance user experience.
- Designed all packaging and promotional materials for the company’s flagship product the DDS 500 brace.
- Designed emails, landing pages, and advertisements that demanded a call to action for either a white paper, entrance to the website, or for a sample of a product
  we were promoting.
- Increased product sales by implementing an exciting private labeling program for doctors, hospitals, caregivers, and DME’s.
- Designed and maintained both company websites with updates and new products.
- Designed Trade Show Exhibits that included video loops, technical videos, and product promotion videos, banners and large displays. Maintained both  
​  company websites with updates and new products.

Creative Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                 09/2007 to 12/2009

Nouveau Imaging and Gaming Consultants                                                                                                                                                                          Henderson, NV 

- Established a working relationship with clients. Developed strategies that would increase their business and sales. Designing digital marketing campaigns and innovative
  marketing plans to attract player participation. Designed exciting  print and digital materials, promotional pieces, and advertisements that were supported through social
  media outlets. 
- Designed mass emails, landing pages, and advertisements that demanded a call to action to gain entrance to a website, for either a sample of a product we were
  promoting, or for a valued coupon to redeem at the establishment.
- Designed casino gaming felts, slot toppers, restaurant menus, seasonal promotional materials. billboards, banners, signage, vehicle graphics and wraps, POP displays,
  backlit displays.
- Illustrated and supervised the custom vehicle wrap for a official NASCAR race car. 

Creative Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                    04/2004 to 08/2007

American Memorabilia Auction Magazine                                                                                                                                                                                  Las Vegas, NV
- Successfully increased business and enhanced user experience with the creation of  AMI Amerinet Auctions, an interactive, automated online auction system that      
  successfully generated an additional 2 million dollars monthly, with minimum staff effort and participation.
- Spearheaded a multi-million dollar Music and Entertainment division, which specialized in rare records, musical instruments, documents, autographs, and stage & screen
  worn attire. Oversaw all consignments and researched and purchased items for auction. Department surpassed all expectations. 
- Responsible for all advertisements and promotions. Designed all catalog and magazine covers, photo spreads, featured items and oversaw the assembling of each
  edition. Signed off on all photography, wrote articles, and descriptions for specific auction lots.  
- Established monthly schedules for photographers and writers to meet set deadlines that would ensure a timely printing and mailing of each issue.  In addition to the printed
  issue, a digital issue was generated and made available as a free download. These efforts afforded bidders enough time to review all offerings and place bids. 
- Efficaciously  transformed a archetypal auction catalog into a contemporary magazine featuring cutting edge photography, editorials, entertainment and sports celebrity
​  interviews, and other auction related news. The result being an increase in younger readers and registered bidders.

Department Head/Instructor                                                                                                                                                                                               05/2002 to 01/2004

Institute of Technology                                                                                                                                                                                                           Sacramento, CA
Certificate No. BBRS-5D7PCN2002
- Implemented an accelerated, cutting edge design course that was structured to take students from beginners to market-ready professionals. 
- Expanded the curriculum to include digital illustration, story boarding, concept development, photography and video editing. 
- Transformed the traditional classroom into a creative studio, equipped with a state-of-the-art photographic studio and audio/video soundstage.

Art Director - Odyssey Publishing
Carona, CA 

Studio Director - David Ball Design

New York, NY 

Art Director - The Royal Press
Staten Island, NY 

Freelance Artist - Capitol Records
New York, NY / Hollywood, CA 

Graphic Designer - First Investors Corp.
New York, NY 

Graphic Designer - Doremus Advertising
New York, NY 

Freelance Clientele
Sting; Eric Clapton; Bobby Whitlock; Lon and Derrek Van Eaton; May Pang; Tony Bramwell; Dick Clark Radio Network; House of Blues Cambridge, MA;  Steven Segal; Robin Leach; Michael Jordan; Joe Nameth; Joe Montana; Pete Rose; Doc Ellis; Mike Easler, Estate of Mickey Mantle; United States President, Bill Clinton; The White House; Congresswoman, Susan Molinari; House Speaker, Newt Gingrich; NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani; Republican Party of New York; New York City Police Dept.; Staten Island Borough President, Guy V. Molinari; PBA Association; Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.; Southwest Airlines; VH1; NBC Television and FOX News; New York City Chapter of the Guardian Angels; Sailor Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY, Skyline Casino, Henderson, NV; Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas; UFC, Las Vegas.

Community Participation
Staten Island Community Television Producer: Donated my time and talent to the production of The Sisters of Charity Health Care System weekly, SIC-TV broadcast of Med-Alert. A Weekly program shot on-location and in the studio featuring Doctors, Surgeons, Medical Procedures and other content from the hospital, administrators, and staff. My participation was in studio cameraman, sound booth, on-screen-graphics, video editing. 

Sanford R. Nalitt Institute for Cancer and Blood Related Diseases Board of Directors: Fund Raising Committee, and Special Events. Oversaw all development of promotional material, brochures, invitations, and fund raising journals. 

Pulaski Day Parade Committee President: Organized the Annual Parade on 5th Avenue NYC. Implemented a scholarship program. 

Miss America Scholarship Pageant Board Member: Oversaw all promotional material, signed off on all photography, designed all invitations and fund-raising journals. Worked closely with carpenters and electricians in the construction of all the sets for the live pageant.

St. Stanislaus Kostka Church CYO Administrator: Coordinated a neighborhood center for teenagers that involved organized sports, clubs, counseling, and other group activities. Structured goal was to provide  teens with a safe place to congregate and learn while having fun.

References Furnished Upon Request