The "We Got Stuff...Great Stuff" Campaign proved to be a very successful campaign that not only attracted premium memorabilia but increased the customer base with aggressive bidders. 

On the right is a slide show that features advertisements and promotional items. These are some of the branding efforts pairing the We Got Stuff logo incorporated with the American Memorabilia logos. 

Direct Response

enhanced user experience

Mass E-mails were sent out weekly to E\enhance user experience and generate a direct response 

Product branding

This campaign boasted that the Corso Feroce steering wheels were the perfect choice for the Classic Cobra, Mustang, or Shelby look. Featuring polished aluminum spokes and made from the finest leather, these 15” diameter wheels were handcrafted with pride. 

Direct Response Marketing

landing pages

Above is the initial announcement card for American Memorabilia's AmereNet Auctions. We needed to increase business without going through the expenses of the bi-monthly auction. This meant no additional avertisements and no printed catalogs. Since we were a growing auction house, running EBAY auctions were not an option. I came up with the initial idea for a fully automated system whereby the user (seller or buyer) can register, log in, manage their account, set up a consignment, bid or purchase directly and arrange for delivery, without any staff assistance. After working close with the web developers we launched AmereNet. Our first auction increased business and enhanced user experience to rave reviews. Our interactive, fully automated online auction system was an instant success. The first auction generated a profit of approximately $50,000 and by the next year was generating approximately 2 million dollars monthly, with well over 1,000 items each month. 

Mass E-mails 

Product branding

The overwhelming success of the Corso Feroce campaign lead to the idea of manufacturing an aluminum wheel that would be appropriate for the classic Mustang and be sporty enough for the contemporary models. Hence comes the tagline "Never out of style."  

Marketing Campaign