Jones Street, Greenwich Village, New York City

The World Famous Brooklyn Bridge

World Trade Center Twin Towers

World Trade Center Twin Towers

My First Award Winning Photo

World Trade Center Tower Two

World Trade Center Tower One

The New York City Skyline as seen from the Staten Island Ferry


The View From The Famous WTC Tower Two Observation Deck

Trinity Church located on Broadway and top of Wall Street

The Verrazano Bridge with Staten Island in the background

The Staten Island Ferry Boat "Cornelius G. Kolff"

Grand Central Station

Canal Street, Chinatown, New York City


The Staten Island Ferry Boat "Verrazano"

The Staten Island Ferry Boat "John F. Kennedy"

U.S. Army Base, Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island

Photography has always been an enjoyable hobby, When I was in grade school I got my first camera and it went with me everywhere. In college I purchased a used Minolta solid body 35 mm camera and it was as tough as a tank. Many of the photographs on this page were taken with that camera.  This Collection contains photos taken in and around my favorite place on earth, New York City.

Hi and welcome to a part of my life that is about the things I do to have fun. There's more to a person than a resume, or a book of assignments, or a list of accomplishments can say.  Like most artists, my creativity is so great that it is ever present in everything I do. So spare-time creative activities and projects are enjoyable. The only difference to working is I did not get paid to do it. Every thing in this section of my website is exactly what I wanted and I approved it all.